IBM Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on sharing and communicating the social impact initiatives that IBM is involved in globally.




User Experience
Design System


Elan Asselstine, Edwy Woo, Marie Louka, Anya Valueva, Sonia Yau

IBM Corporate Social Responsibility
Sharing the social impact initiatives that IBM is involved in globally.

IBM Corporate Social Responsibility is focused on sharing how IBM is using its technology to help create social impact in fields such as education reform, healthcare, and climate change. As a part of  IBM's CSR design team, I helped contribute to the user experience of a variety of IBM initiative websites. My responsibilities involve...

Evolving the CSR design system

Contributing to the team that is evolving the visual design and user experience of IBM's CSR design system.

Creating new editorial inspired components

Investigating how editorial design principles can be translated to scalable digital components.

Applying the system across initiatives

Applying the CSR design system across IBM initiative websites to maintain brand alignment and consistency.

Contributing to
Extending the CSR design system is a digital platform that aligns all of IBM's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives under a unified experience. In order to convey the scale of the program's social impact,'s design system is more editorial inspired than IBM's core brand. My main responsibility was to find opportunities to extend this brand expression into each initiative's design system in order to maintain brand alignment and consistency.